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I'm using mongodb and I want to store some thumbnails in my server. What's best? Using GridFS or converting those images to base64 and store them directly inside a document.

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What's the final size in K? GridFs doesn't split until file is over 256k. Will you be using the final file as binary or base64? –  WiredPrairie Mar 25 '13 at 11:05

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I suggest you to use GridFS. With GridFS, you can take the advantage of MongoDB REST API. So there won't be any overheat for retrieving documents using MongoDB API. REST API will do the all of hard work and will save you time.

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It really depends on your server side technology and personal preference. 10gen suggests you use documents unless you are storing files larger than the document limit (16MB). I would suggest that you do whatever is easier given the language you are working with. If you have other documents to model after follow the document, otherwise give gridFS a shot.

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