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I need to write coupling based test to observate several paths. I am trying to do it like usual testing using Assert.* (I don't know any better way) but for that purpose I need to change the testing methods.

Consider following examples

Class A {
public Collection<Object[]> mth1(String a);
do whatever
do whatever
do whatever
return null

Class B
public void mth2 (String a)
do whatever
return null

For my testing I'm not interested in actual values, I just need to know if my test comes to a certain point.

Thus, I want to override mth2 in such way - return is called at line 11 and mth1 to call return at line 6 with value 1.

Is there a way to do such thing or better way to test coupling?

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Use a mock library (google search for mock). create a mock object for class B. use it in your test.

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