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I am quite new on SQL and I am trying to practice to improve myself.

I have a database which has a

Table : Players, Teams, Plays, and Wins

Players : pid, pname, age, country

Plays : pid, season, tid, value ( pid -> pid in Players, tid -> tid in Teams )

Teams : tid, tname, tcolor, tbudget

Wins : wtid, ltid, season, wscore, lscore ( wtid,ltid -> tid in Teams )

The question is Find the name of the players whose played in atleast 2 dif. teams with same color

What I did is

FROM Players P
    ,Teams T1 
GROUP BY T1.tcolor
HAVING 1 < (
   FROM Teams T2
   WHERE T1.tcolor=T2.tcolor)

When I try to query this , I get an error which is ;

Error Code: 1630
FUNCTION PRALATEST.COUNT does not exist. Check the 'Function Name Parsing and Resolution' section in the Reference Manual

In which part am I doing wrong?

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Try this:

select pname
from Players
join Plays on =
join Teams on Teams.tid = Plays.tid
group by pname, tcolor
having count(Teams.tname) > 1

The condition count(Teams.tname) > 1 is in a having clause instead of a where clause becuase it needs to operate on the results AFTER the group by is performed.

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Thank you very much, in general, do I need to count something after the whole execution or depends on situation? – user1492785 Mar 24 '13 at 21:33

Couple things. Your error message is because you put a numeric constant in the COUNT function. You should just use an asterisk.

Also, you have not specified a join condition for your Players and Teams tables. As a result, you are doing a product join (probably not what you want). I'm guessing you need to join to your Plays table.

You should change your coding practice to use "explicit" join syntax to avoid errors like this in the future.

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