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I'm upgrading rails 2.3.2 app ot rails 3. Have unknown error with sending email message in MailerFormError. MailerFormError is my model: class MailerFormError < ActionMailer::Base

At 1st I have error with 'deliver_send' method (undefined method `deliver_sent' for MailerFormError:Class), I change it to 'send'. Now I have this:

   NoMethodError in LeadsController#create
   undefined method `part' for #

My code in controller:

    @msg = {}
    @msg["errors"] = @lead.errors
    @msg["params"] = params

This is my class with sending method:

      def sent(msg, sent_at = Time.now)
        @subject    = ("Ошибка при заполнении формы").force_encoding('iso-8859-1').encode('utf-8')
        @recipients = 'mymail@gmail.com'
        @from       = 'mymail@gmail.com'
        @sent_on    = sent_at
        @headers    = {}

        part( :content_type => "multipart/alternative" ) do |p|
          p.part :content_type => "text/plain", 
                 :body => render_message("sent.plain.erb", :msg=>msg )

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1) for Rails 3, to send your notification in your controller , you have to write this :


2) And you have to rewrite your 'sent' method in the Rails 3 way :

def sent(msg, sent_at = Time.now)
  mail(:to => '...', :from => '...', :subject => '...') do |format|

You can also create the text version and html in your view directory app/views/mail_form_error : sent.text.erb and sent.html.erb

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My view directory must be app/views/mail_form_error. Thanks a lot! It works now –  bmalets Mar 26 '13 at 15:48
ok it's corrected –  Jean-Marc Delafont Mar 26 '13 at 17:18

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