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From Data.Binary:

instance (Binary e) => Binary (IntMap.IntMap e) where
    put = put . IntMap.toAscList
    get = liftM IntMap.fromDistinctAscList get

I thought this meant that any IntMap (Binary e) type would be serialisable, but it doesn't:

Data.Binary Data.IntMap> encode $ ((fromList [])::IntMap Int)

    No instance for (Binary (IntMap Int))
      arising from a use of `encode'

How can I use the provided instance?

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I thought this meant that any IntMap (Binary e) type would be serialisable, but it doesn't:

It does (apart from the nitpick that it should read that any IntMap e is serialisable if there is an instance Binary e).

Prelude Data.IntMap Data.Binary> encode (fromList [] :: IntMap Int)

The error message that you got almost certainly means that the IntMap that you are using is not the IntMap from the containers package that your binary was built with, but from another version. The IntMaps from different versions of containers are different types, and the Binary instance is only for the exact version binary was built with.

You probably have installed a newer version of containers since you installed binary.

Use the containers version binary was built with, by specifying a -package flag on the command line for ghci, and by using Cabal for compiling.

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Ah! Appropriately, I had previously been warned that upgrading Containers would lead to problems! Thanks –  Scott Mar 24 '13 at 22:14

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