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What is idea?

  1. Save the graphics in images.
  2. Pass the binary to a String on the server.
  3. Identify the graph from the binary (ready).
  4. Create a pdf with data and graphics (ready, use itex).
  5. View the pdf (ready).

But I can not export any graphics. This is because I can not detect them. When I include a graphic in a datatable, widgetvar are repeated, so I can not use the solution of the showcase.


This is part of my code.

<h:form id="reportePro">
<p:dataTable value="#{listas.reporteSeccionPro}" var="p"
      selectionMode="single" rowKey="#{p.idFila}"
      emptyMessage="No existen coincidencias" id="reporteGeneral">
      <p:column headerText="Chart">
         <p:commandButton id="chartBtn" value="Gráficos" type="button" />
         <p:overlayPanel id="chartPanel" for="chartBtn" hideEffect="fade"
            showEffect="fade" appendToBody="true"
            <p:pieChart id="pie" 
               styleClass="jqplot-table-legend jqplot-target"
               value="#{p.pieModel}" extender="ext"
               showDataLabels="true" sliceMargin="5"
               seriesColors="DB4C14, C0E9ED, A8CCED, C7B47F, F7F28F, 4DB0C4" />

I thought use dynamic id ,

<p:pieChart id="#{chart.idPie}"  />

but can not be set.

I thought use dynamic widgetvar,

<p:pieChart widgetvar="#{chart.idPie}"  />

but can not be set.

I thought of using only the id of the graphics,

#{p:widgetVar ('ComponentId')}

but remember that you can not use dynamic id

Another solution might be to use the canvas.toDataURL, for that, I need the id of the first canvas, but does not generate primefaces ID. So I can not use this solution.

After spending hours and did not find the solution, I ask me. It is possible to export a chart to an image, when they are in a datatable?

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