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I'm struggling to use custom post template in thesis. I would like to use different layouts for different posts. There are many tutorials for using custom page template but I can't find ones for posts. I'm new to Thesis so I probably miss something but if someone knows how to or tutorial that mentions about it, please share with me. Thanks in advance!

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I've been wondering about this too, as have a lot of people apparently. I just added my thoughts in a thread over on the Thesis forum here:… Eager to hear if you come up with anything workable... – Michelle Oct 14 '09 at 18:29

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One way to do this (that goes against the thesis custom_functions.php file, unfortunately) is to use this plugin:

Then, create a page called, say, news.php and put this code inside

Template Name Posts: News

Your custom code goes here

Then, once you upload this to your thesis folder, it should show up in the post-template dropdown.


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Thanks!! You're my hero :) – lostInTransit Jul 21 '11 at 14:06

Answer #1 in this post might provide you with a way to style posts in Thesis or elsewhere, as long as you're using WP 2.8+:

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