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Been toying around with my Raspberry Pi running raspbian.

I'd like to update a webpage with a shell script that requires no input, such as password. I just tried creating the keys and putting them in the .ssh file on the remote server, but when I run my simple shell script of ssh user@domain.net 'ls' and it still prompts me for a password.

I also looked into paramiko slightly, but didn't get very far with it.

All I need is to update/replace an html file with text/information that I have.


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I think your Public/Private Keys for Authentication is not configured correctly in your server. Can you check this link which explains the authentication step:SSH Authentication

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Yep. It doesn't prompt me if I just want to ssh normally, but running my script it ends up prompting me. –  Henry David Mar 25 '13 at 2:56

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