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In laravel 4 i would like to have a nested controller.

I have read the documentation but didn't find any explanation on how to do it.

Supose that in a app i have some articles and each article have his own set of comments. I would like to be able to get all comment of a specific article by accessing a URL like this.


I have created a commentsController, but i don't know how to correctly get the article id from the url, so i can pass it to all my CRUD methods in my controller

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in route.php


in controller

public function show($articleId, $comment) {}

public function create($articleId) {}
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I am not sure nested resource controllers are the way to go.... Here is what I would do.


Then in your controller

public function comments($id) {

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Although this would work, it would only provide a single route, removing the benefit of using a resource. Your suggested way you would need to manually add all the required GET, POST, PATCH & PUT routes..... messy! –  j5Dev Jun 6 at 10:14

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