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I want to get the posts of my friends order by updated_time, this query works fine for single friend when I use source = first_friend_id but when I use this query with in it return empty data.

SELECT post_id,type,message, actor_id,likes.user_likes,likes.count,likes.friends,comments.comment_list, comments.count , target_id ,updated_time,created_time FROM stream WHERE source_id in(friend_id1,friend_id2,friend_id3) ORDER BY updated_time DESC LIMIT 5

Can someone please point out how to get the latest 5 feeds of amoung 3 friends.

source_id = friend_id works fine, but it only work for 1 friends

I'm testing it here.


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There's been a number of posts like this recently... It appears the stream table is simply acting very finicky lately, as the logic of that query is valid. Your best bet is to report a detailed bug here

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