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I am hoping someone can shed some light on this issue I am facing.


I have mocked out doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager service in my functional unit test. I inject this into the client service container so that I do not have to hit my DB during the course of my functional test. For my test that just involve a GET request I am able to verify that the controller I am testing is using my mocked service.

However, if I attempt to do a POST request by using the crawler with a form submission my mocked service does not persist. After the initial GET request the client seems to just inject doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager service again as it needs it and not my mocked version that I set in the clients service container.

In summary, during the GET request my mocked service is being used, but during the POST request EntityManager5144076565ee8_546a8d27f194334ee012bfe64f629947b07e4919__CG__\Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager is being used. [SEE CODE SNIPPET BELOW]


Is it possible to do what I am asking? I would like to have ALL my requests use the mocked service I defined. I want to have a functional test but avoid writing or reading from the database.


    // Mocks
    $entityRepository = $this


    $em = $this->getMockBuilder('Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager')
    array('getRepository', 'getClassMetadata', 'flush',




    ->will($this->returnValue(new ClassMetadata("test")));

    // Create test client.
    $client = static::createClient();

    // Inject entity mock into service container.
    ->set('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager', $em, 'container');

    // Define request
    $crawler = $client->request('GET', '/locations/types/add');

    // Verify a few things
    $form = $crawler->selectButton('submit')->form();
    $form['location_type[title]'] = "TEST TITLE";
    $form['location_type[description]'] = "TEST DESCP";

    $crawler = $client->submit($form);
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The issue here is that the kernel is booted after (during) every request:

protected function doRequest($request)
    // avoid shutting down the Kernel if no request has been performed yet
    // WebTestCase::createClient() boots the Kernel but do not handle a request
    if ($this->hasPerformedRequest) {
    } else {
        $this->hasPerformedRequest = true;

    if ($this->profiler) {
        $this->profiler = false;



So you need to replace doctrine with your mock after each request:

// Inject entity mock into service container.
->set('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager', $em, 'container');

// Define request
$crawler = $client->request('GET', '/locations/types/add'); 

// Inject entity mock into service container.
->set('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager', $em, 'container');

An easier way to use your mock globally would be to override the doctrine settings in config_test.yml

        default_entity_manager:  Acme/MyBundle/Test/MockDoctrineEM


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