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I'm using CakePHP 2.3.1.

Our server has some independent applications in one server. So I want to change session.cookie_path setting following the Cookbook :

Configure::write('Session', array(
    'defaults' => 'php',
    'ini' => array(
        'session.cookie_path' => '/app/dir'

I could change it successfully with this. But here is a problem. I need to set session.cookie_path value to webroot dynamically (without string literal value such as '/app/dir').

I've tried to use $this->webroot following this Q&A, but of course it does not work because there is no controller in the file app/Config/core.php.

Any ideas?

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I realized a php variable is available : $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']. So I could solve the problem.

$requestURI = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$webroot = preg_replace('/(^\/[^\/]+\/).*$/', '$1', $requestURI);
//echo $webroot;
Configure::write('Session', array(
    'defaults' => 'cake',
    'ini' => array(
        'session.cookie_path' => $webroot   // looks like '/app/'

But this solution does not have reusability enough : it would not work for apps located in deeper directories such as /apps/app1/.

I'm still awaiting a better solution.

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