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I have posted a question and got help but I still dont make it. Im trying to update a row in cakePHP 2.3.1.I have class Test extend AppModel with $validates array, and the Controller( simplified ) :

public function editstudent()   {
if($this->request->data)    {
    $this->Test->stuId= $this->data['Test']['stuId'];
    if ($this->Test->save($this->request->data))    {

My view after edit with suggestion from a user :D :

class Test extends AppModel {
var $name= 'Test';
var $primaryKey= 'stuId';
public $validate= array(.......);

I've set $primaryKey in View,set $this->Test->$primaryKey in controller but still got the error :

Database Error Error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY' SQL Query: INSERT INTO cakePhp.tests (stuName, stuDoB, stuAdd) VALUES ('Đào Đức Anh', '2013-03-25', 'Kim Liên')

Can anyone help me out,I really need help,I'm stuck at this for 2 day and cant figure it out :(

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I think you have to change the following line

$this->Test->stuId = $this->data['Test']['stuId'];


$this->Test->id = $this->data['Test']['stuId'];

because it is the id property that contains the primary key value.

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Quick attempt:

Try changing $this->data to $this->request->data in your controller code.

More things:

Bottom line, your primary key isn't getting set.

  1. Try using (per the CakePHP book) this syntax:

    public $primaryKey = 'stuId'; //notice "public" instead of "var"

  2. check to find out why 'studId' isn't in the data being saved.


  3. My assumption is, it's not in the request data - if it were, you'd be fine.

add the studId into the form that's being submitted or get theID into the request data any other way you see fit

Side note:

you keep saying "view", but you really mean "model".

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