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I'm facing a problem that I do not understand.

In my controller:

$this->paginate = $a;
$list1 = $this->paginate('Model');
$this->paginate = $b;
$list2 = $this->paginate('Model');

My question is, why $list2 is exactly the same as $list1 while I already changed $this->paginate after getting $list1? And, how to make those code work so that I can get $list1 and $list2 according to $a and $b?

Thanks in advance!

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Just a hunch: What happens, when you do the following:

$this->paginate = $a;
$list1 = $this->paginate('Model');
$this->paginate = array();
$this->paginate = $b;
$list2 = $this->paginate('Model');

Are the values of $a and $b distinct?

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The result is the same when I add $this->paginate = array(); like your comment. $a and $b are different. I also debug $this->paginate after assigned and they are different too, but $list1 and $list2 are still the same. – Bayoneda Mar 25 '13 at 4:20
Can you share more data (in brief) on what's in $a and $b? – Joe Smith Mar 26 '13 at 7:24

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