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I am playing with Rails 4 in a test application. I have an arbitrary URL that isn't standard like a resources :foo type URL. Ideally the end result I'd like is to be able to go to:


In views, it would be great if I can then set a link using a named helper such as:


What would be the best way to define the route above so I can use the helper path with an arbitrary URL like the one above? It doesn't necessarily have to be edit_contests_enter(:id) but as long as the helper path leads to the URL as suggested above, that would be fantastic.

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I assume that your contest is a resource, and when your visitor goes to /contests/:id/enter you want them to create an object user <=> contest. Let's call it participation.

Now participation is exactly like any other resource in your Rails app, so you'd have a routes.rb file looking like

resources :contests do 
  resources :participations

You don't want people to do anything other than create a participation, like edit or destroy them. And perhaps you want a nice URI like /contests/:id/enter. All you have to do is

resources :contests do 
  resources :participations, :only => [:new, :create]
  get "enter" => "participations#new"

Doing such will give you a routes helper named contest_enter. In your participations#new form, you'll POST as usual to /contests/:id/participations.

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If you have a resources block for :contests, you could just define a new "member" route on the ContestsController using:

resources :contests do
  member do
    get :enter

And that would automatically generate you a named member route, the name of which you could find by running rake routes.

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