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I wanted to test the recovery of data in HBase (Standalone mode), How can i do that? Will recovery works in Stand-alone mode?

After executing the put command from shell with out closing the HBase i switched of my VM and restarted, it's not showing the newly added data. Even i tried from eclipse also it's not showing. How can i test recovery in HBase? I am able to see the Hfiles, but not Hlog does i need to set any path for this?

This is the code i had written..

Put p=new Put(Bytes.toBytes("name10"));
p.add(Bytes.toBytes("cf"), Bytes.toBytes("name"),Bytes.toBytes("Some Value 10"));

Thanx in advance

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HLog files are stored in .logs folder(Rootdir), In Stand alone mode it takes time to write into WAL where as in Pseudo Distributed or Distributed mode it will updates immediately

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