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I got a demo to show how we can define customer type converter in struts2. The demo is so easy, input a string as "Tom,12" which represents user's name and age. The value will be placed into an user object. And console will output these values. below is code: JSP:

   <form action=testconvert method="post">
      Please enter your name<br/>
      <input type="text" name="user"/>
      <input type="submit" value="test"/>

UserConverter: this is an user-defined converter.

public class UserConverter extends DefaultTypeConverter {
    public Object convertValue(Map context, Object value, Class toType) {

        if(User.class == toType)  

            String[] str = (String[])value;
            String firstValue = str[0];


            StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(firstValue, ",");

            String username = st.nextToken();
            int age =Integer.parseInt( st.nextToken());

            User user = new User();


            return user;        
        else if(String.class == toType) 
            User user = (User)value;

            String username = user.getUsername();
            int age = user.getAge();

            String userInfo = "username: " + username + ", age: " + age;

            return userInfo;
        return null;


I have properties file which is named as "testconvert-conversion.properties":


Action file:

public class testconvert extends ActionSupport
    private User user;

    public User getUser()
        return user;

    public void setUser(User user)
        this.user = user;

    public String execute() throws Exception
        System.out.println("username: " + user.getUsername());
        System.out.println("age: " + user.getAge());

        return SUCCESS;

When I submit the value: "Tom,20" , the console output below content:

WARNING: Parameter [user] is not on the excludeParams list of patterns and will be appended to action!

username: Tom
age: 20

It has a warining, but it can output what I need. Then I change the JSP file. I change the code as below:

<input type="text" name="user222"/>

I think the name of the input tag is not critical. But I'm wrong. I don't get the output correctly.

So My questions are:
1, what's warning meaning?

2, what can I do if I want the <input> name is user222?

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2 Answers

If you want to use converter that not depends on property name in action class then you need to define application wide converter. That is done in xwork-conversion.properties file which is located in the root of the classpath.

your_package.User = com.tutorialspoint.sconvert.UserConverter
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user=com.tutorialspoint.sconvert.UserConverter This entry in xwork seems wrong first

the user should be User (the first letter capital)

Second the complete package will come instead of just the class name something like this

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if I change user to User. I will get an error.Struts has detected an unhandled exception: Messages: No result defined for action com.tutorialspoint.struts2.testconvert and result input –  roast_soul Mar 25 '13 at 5:48
this exception comes when you have no converter defined for your User object that is being mapped. Be sure to include the package name also in the xwork file. –  Code2Interface Mar 25 '13 at 5:50
:hi, if I change user to User, it will throw exception, but when I use the "user", no error. but a warning: Parameter [user] is not on the excludeParams list of patterns and will be appended to action! –  roast_soul Mar 25 '13 at 6:01
as per my understanding, user should be User (the proper class name along with the package name) in the xwork file. Have you included the complete package name with the class name –  Code2Interface Mar 25 '13 at 6:05
why downvote??? –  Code2Interface May 6 '13 at 5:18
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