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I'm doing some game stuf, and i'm having problens with the collion test. What i'm trying to do is check if a coordenate is empty, so the player can move. This is what i have so far, but it doesnt work...

Function ColissionWithPoint(ByVal Lbl1 As Label, ByVal Lbl2 As Label) As Boolean
    Dim pUp As New Point(Lbl1.Location.X - 1)
    Dim pDown As New Point(Lbl1.Location.X + Lbl1.Height + 1)
    Dim pLeft As New Point(Lbl1.Location.Y - 1)
    Dim pRight As New Point(Lbl1.Location.Y + Lbl1.Width + 1)
    If pDown.Equals(Lbl2.Bounds) Or pUp.Equals(Lbl2.Bounds) Or pLeft.Equals(Lbl2.Bounds) Or pRight.Equals(Lbl2.Bounds) Then
        Return True
        Return False
    End If
End Function
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