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If I have this code:

let time = read "2013-02-03 17:00:07.687" :: UTCTime

How can I extract the minutes and seconds components out of the UTCTime?

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A UTCTime has two components: a day and a DiffTime. You can get the DiffTime using utctDayTime or by pattern matching. From there, you can convert it to a TimeOfDay using timeToTimeOfDay. You can then just pattern match against the TimeOfDay to get the hours, minutes and seconds.

So you could do this:

let TimeOfDay hours minutes seconds = timeToTimeOfDay (utctDayTime time)

You can also use the todMin and todSec functions to get the minutes and seconds respectively out of the TimeOfDay.

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You can use the time-lens package, which makes time and date manipulation much easier. E.g.

> let time = read "2013-02-03 17:00:07.687" :: UTCTime
> getL seconds time

If you import Data.Lens.Common, there's also an infix version of getL:

> time ^. minutes
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Thanks for this, I've wanted this package before, but did not know it existed! –  singpolyma Mar 26 '13 at 19:17

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