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I have two table as one is the message table and another one is messageUser table. Now i need to check before insert a new row.

for example,


MessageId | MemberId | BusinessId
               1 |               1 |               0
               1 |               0 |               2
               2 |               1 |               0
               2 |               0 |               2
               2 |               3 |               0
               2 |               4 |               0
               3 |               1 |               0
               3 |               0 |               2
               3 |               0 |               4

if a member create a new message, i would like to check the user in this message is there exist before. If yes, then attach the message to previous conversation else create a new conversation.

Scene 1
Member 1 sent a message to Business 2, from the table we know that there have a previous conversation which is Message 1

Scene 2
Member 1 sent a message to Business 2 & Member 3, from the table we know that there is no previous conversation

I've tried before using UNION, IN for the checking query but basically is just get back all the list. Is there anyone can give me a help? Thanks.


I can solve scene 1 by using but failed to suit scene 2

    SELECT MessageId FROM M_MessageUser
    WHERE (MemberId IN (0,1) AND BusinessId IN(0,2))
    GROUP BY MessageId
    SELECT MessageId FROM M_MessageUser
    WHERE (MemberId NOT IN (0,1) OR BusinessId NOT IN(0,2))
    GROUP BY MessageId;


The question has been answered in http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/37498/sql-server-2008-search-joining-query

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Your naming here is confusing: if your tables are called Message and MessageUser then why do you refer to them as Table A and Table B in your example? And is a User the same thing as a Member? I also can't match your description to your data: you said that "member 1 sent a message to business 2", but there is no row in the table with MemberID 1 and BusinessID 2. It would help to explain a bit about how you actually use the MessageUser table. –  Pondlife Mar 25 '13 at 14:19
Sorry for confusing, the reason is because we have 2 type of user,1)member & 2)business... different type of user require different information... that's why we have both member & business table... FYI, inside the message could be more than 2 person or you can say it as "conversation"/"group chat", inside the MessageUser is either one of MemberID & BusinessId would be zero... –  Kelvin Go Mar 27 '13 at 4:09
Live example is Facebook chat, you can start a conversation with a user or a group of users... the next time you create a new conversation between him/her/them, Facebook will automatically append it to existing conversation due there are same group of person in the conversation... –  Kelvin Go Mar 27 '13 at 4:14
The question has been answered in dba.stackoverflow.com. http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/37498/sql-server-2008-search-joining-que‌​ry –  Kelvin Go Mar 27 '13 at 7:15

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