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I have a context menu which include a sub-menu, when-ever I tap on the item to open the sub-menu, the sub-menu opens/closes and reopens quickly. That's very annoying but more problematic some of my users don't see the sub-menu at all, it opens/closes and that's it!

Now after experimenting I figured out that long-pressing the item actually works as soon as I release the item: the sub-menu opens properly and stays open!

So I decided to build a very basic project believing I had a bug in my app, created a new app with the wizard, a single activity, a single text on which I registerForContextMenu and a context menu with a simple sub-menu.

The issue reproduced itself immediately!!! Does anyone experience the same issue and could tell me what am I doing wrong? I believe I followed documentation and samples, but I can't find any information on this problem anywhere!!!

I've posted the issue on Google groups and reported as an issue on Android project, but so far no-one responded, here are the links to both which include the test project (not sure how I can attach a file here?).



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Hello, anybody out there to provide some insight into this? This seems like basic stuff and I'm quite surprised no-one had this issue before? – 3c71 Apr 29 '13 at 10:50
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To solve this, I had to get rid of any sub-menu in context menu and instead open another context menu on item selection.

The following got rid of the flickering and ensured the sub-menu remained open. Had to use a spare hidden view to open the new context menu though.

    if (id == R.id.menu_item_for_sub_menu)
        new Handler().postDelayed(new Runnable()
            public void run() 
                View v = vg.findViewById(R.id.fake_view_for_context);
                if (v != null)
        }, 0);
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