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QRCode have many different version (Version 1 (21×21), Version 2 (25×25), ... etc).

I use zxing library to decode qrcode with different versions, and it works fine!

But I don't know how to get the version of qrcode by zxing library in Language (C++)

PS: I tried class BitMatrixParser to acieve it, but get Error Msg. "Could not decode format information", and don't know what happend?

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In general, not all images will decode. Do you have a specific image that didn't decode? If so, post it. If it's a stream of images, don't expect them all to decode.

I don't think the C++ port returns the qrcode version. Not sure if the Java port does. Feel free to submit a feature issue to the zxing project but it's volunteer, so YMMV.

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