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I have a function that uses ajax to load content throughout one of my sites.

This works all good but at some parts because new content is brought in that has more links I need to make the click function a live click function, but when I do the ajax stops working and it just changes the page as normal ( without ajax )

here is my code

function ajaxLoads(){

    var $btn = $('a.ajax-btn');
    var $container = $('#load');
    var siteTitle = document.title;
    //var $artistBG = $('#artist-viewport img');




        var sourceTarget = $(this).data('page'),
        slideWidth = $container.width(),
        $this = $(this),
        $background = $this.data('background'),
        pageTitle = $this.html();
        //$changeTo = $("#artist-viewport img[data-background='"+ $background +"']");

        $container.animate({'right':-slideWidth}, 300, 'easeInExpo');

        $container.load(pageUrl+" "+sourceTarget, function(){


            $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, 500, 'easeInExpo', function(){
                $container.animate({'right':0}, 300, 'easeInExpo');

            var pageContent = $(this).html();

            window.history.pushState({"html":pageContent, "pageTitle": pageTitle},"", pageUrl);
            //document.title=pageTitle+" :: "+siteTitle;

        }); // end load function    

    }); // end click function   

    window.onpopstate = function(e){
            $container.css('opacity', 0).html(e.state.html).fadeTo('fast', 1);
            document.title=e.state.pageTitle+" :: "+siteTitle;


I have tried changing the $btn.click(function(e) to $btn.live('click', function(e) and to $btn.on('click', function(e)

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you can use delegate,live or on. here is the example api.jquery.com/delegate –  ajay Mar 25 '13 at 11:10

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Add .on on document.

$(document).on('click','a.ajax-btn',function(){   });
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try on

 $('#load').on('click', '.ajax-btn', function(){

live is deprecated in jquery 1.8 and removed in 1.9.. so use on()

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Give your button a css class and use this


This will work since by default, most events bubble up from the original event target to the document element.Though this degrades performance, a click event happens infrequently and you might use this as a fix to your problem.Then when you have time ,try to see why using delegates is not working by carefully looking on your page cycle.

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