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I am developing an application in which i have one separate class to do all socket related communication.in my service class i am creating array of class object like this :

String ip1 = "";
String ip2 = "";

public void onCreate() {
        roomStatus = new ReadRoomStatus[] {
       new ReadRoomStatus(ip1),
       new ReadRoomStatus(ip2) 

and then i have loop to read status :

    String status = roomStatus[i].readStatus();
    Log.v(TAG, "Status is ::"+status);
    broadcastRoomStatus(i, status);

so this loop iterate only number of object array. here it will iterate two times.

i am getting this IP address from shared preferences. so if user doesn't set any of IP then class object should not be created for that ip.

i.e if only one IP is set then created class object should be like this

 roomStatus = new ReadRoomStatus[] {new ReadRoomStatus(ip1)};

if two IPs are set then

 roomStatus = new ReadRoomStatus[] {new ReadRoomStatus(ip1),new ReadRoomStatus(ip2};

So my initial goal is if any of ip is null then object shouldn't be initialize for that ip and loop should be iterate only no of times which IPs are available.

How do i achieve this? if you have any other idea then please suggest me. any help and advice will be appreciated.



ReadRoomStatus roomStatus1=new ReadRoomStatus(ip1);
        ReadRoomStatus roomStatus2=new ReadRoomStatus(ip2);

        aListStatus = new ArrayList<ReadRoomStatus>();
            Log.v(TAG, "IP1 is not null");
            Log.v(TAG, "IP2 is not null");
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I don't understand the problem. Have you considering using an if statement? –  EJP Mar 25 '13 at 7:11
@EJP my problem is if i have 7 IPs and if 3 ips are null then loop is iterating 7 times but it should iterate only for times, i don't want to create object of those ips which are null –  juned Mar 25 '13 at 7:15
That statement makes even less sense than your original question. I suggest you stop, take a deep breath, a walk outside, then start again. –  EJP Mar 25 '13 at 9:32

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Don't use an array. Use an ArrayList, which is a list of objects and who's size can be changed at any time. Then loop through all the ip addresses, and if not null add() it to the ArrayList.

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can you give me example for same ? –  juned Mar 25 '13 at 7:04

there are two ways to do this.

either put a check while creating object ( = passing (ip) parameter to constructor).

if(ip != null){
    new ReadRoomStatus(ip);


make the constructor private, and provide a method in ReadRoomStatus as

public static ReadRoomStatus getInstance(String ip)
if(ip == null)return null;
return new ReadRoomStatus(ip);
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Will this help?

    new ReadRoomStatus(ip);


public ReadRoomStatus(String ip) throws Exception{
    // validIP() to check for null and any other formatting requirements
        throw new YourException("invalid ip "+ip);
    //create object
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thanks but if i have 3 ips then how do i check for all ? –  juned Mar 25 '13 at 7:06
Try having a List instead of array as others have pointed out. Ensure List.add() will be called only for valid cases(either of 2 above.You will have to surround with try catch). If you still need an Array, convert this list to array –  rajesh Mar 25 '13 at 7:14

Check how many ip are there. Based on that create an array of that size and then initialze the values

If number of Ip are 1 or greater than 1, initialize the array else not.

String ip1 = "";
String ip2 = "";

String [] ipArr = new String[]{ip1, ip2}

public void onCreate() {

if (ipArr.length>0){
    roomStatus = new ReadRoomStatus[ipArr.length];

for (int 1=0; i<ipArr.length; i++)
   roomStatus [i] = new ReadRoomStatus(ipArr[i]),


} }

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