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In my company, the policy is to work as much as possible on a central Citrix server. Recently we started Android development and created a development environment for it using Eclipse. With one developer on the server everything is fine, but when multiple developers are working on the server, we seem to share emulators and physical devices. We have the impression that Eclipse becomes less stable. In our current setup each developer has his own Eclipse and ADT installation (nothing is shared), which is not optimal, but acceptable.

Is there a way to setup Eclipse and the ADT such that they allow for multiple developers using the same server.

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You could look into Citrix streaming, i.e. have your admin use Citrix streaming to stream Eclipse/ADT to the XenApp server. Streaming provides isolation technology for files and the registry, so it may allow multiple instances to work concurrently without interfering with each other.

Citrix also has a suite of tools called AppDNA which provides application compatibility testing. They may be useful to find out what ADT is doing that causes you issues.

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Thanks Donovan. I will ask our administrators to help me with that. –  LouisS Apr 8 '13 at 9:49

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