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I want to dump during a specman simulation data about my test environment (like structs and vars). I know such option exists in vcs runs (the creation of a VPD file), but I can't find a similar option in specman. could you please assist?

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Debussy/Verdi has an option for tracing Specman, but I've never used it. Others in my group have used it and I have seen the output. It is exactly what you want, if you have a license for that exquisite tool. –  Ross Rogers Mar 25 '13 at 16:28

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Take a look at the "wave" commands in the Specman reference manual. They allow you to dump Specman information (structs, primitive types, events, etc.) onto the waveform. Specman supports different waveform tools - Simvision has native and the most extensive support, but Specman can also work with Synopsys DVE, MTI Modelsim and Novas Verdi.

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