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I am overriding method "next" of RecordReader class and "getRecordReader" of TextInputFormat class in order to send a whole paragraph to the mapper instead of line by line. (I am using old api's and defination for my paragraph is append till the time a blank line comes in my text file.)
Below is my code:

public class NLinesInputFormat extends TextInputFormat  
   public RecordReader<LongWritable, Text> getRecordReader(InputSplit split, JobConf conf, Reporter reporter)throws IOException     {   
        return new ParagraphRecordReader(conf, (FileSplit)split);

public class ParagraphRecordReader implements RecordReader<LongWritable, Text> 
        private LineRecordReader lineRecord;
        private LongWritable lineKey;
        private Text lineValue;
        public ParagraphRecordReader(JobConf conf, FileSplit split) throws IOException {
            lineRecord = new LineRecordReader(conf, split);
            lineKey = lineRecord.createKey();
            lineValue = lineRecord.createValue();

        public void close() throws IOException {

        public LongWritable createKey() {
            return new LongWritable();


        public Text createValue() {
            return new Text("");


        public float getProgress() throws IOException {
            return lineRecord.getPos();


        public synchronized boolean next(LongWritable key, Text value) throws IOException {
            boolean appended, gotsomething;
            boolean retval;
            byte space[] = {' '};
            gotsomething = false;
            do {
                appended = false;
                retval = lineRecord.next(lineKey, lineValue);
                if (retval) {
                    if (lineValue.toString().length() > 0) {
                        byte[] rawline = lineValue.getBytes();
                        int rawlinelen = lineValue.getLength();
                        value.append(rawline, 0, rawlinelen);
                        value.append(space, 0, 1);
                        appended = true;
                    gotsomething = true;
            } while (appended);

            //System.out.println("ParagraphRecordReader::next() returns "+gotsomething+" after setting value to: ["+value.toString()+"]");
            return gotsomething;

        public long getPos() throws IOException {
            return lineRecord.getPos();

1. I did not find any concrete guide on how to do this, so may be there is something I am doing wrong please comment any suggestion?
2. I am able to compile this correctly but when I run my job my mapper is continuously running and I am not able to figure it out where is the problem?

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Did you try out with just a single paragraph input? – Amar Mar 25 '13 at 9:02
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Your code works perfectly fine for me. The only change I did was to have these classes as inner class and made them static.

Input file was as follows:

This is awesome.
WTF is this.

This is just a test.

The mapper code looked like:

public void map(LongWritable key, Text value, OutputCollector<Text, Text> output, Reporter reporter)
    throws IOException {

    System.out.println(key+" : "+value);

And the output was:

0 : This is awesome. WTF is this. 
0 : This is just a test.

I am sure you would haven't forgotten to set the input format, but just in case, set it as follows:

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Thanks for replying Amar!.. and I am using these classes as public static and also set the Inputformat but I didn't try with small paragraph I was testing it with a large file. I'll do that and let you know how it goes. – JackSparrow Mar 25 '13 at 14:06
Hey thanks man...I checked with short input file and it is working fine for long file It was some formatting issues I have figure it out! – JackSparrow Mar 25 '13 at 17:15
Happy to help :) You should also upvote the answer, shouldn't you ;) – Amar Mar 25 '13 at 21:18
Sorry mate ..I missed that :) – JackSparrow Mar 25 '13 at 21:49
@Amar im a beginner of hadoop,can you explain what's going on inside the next method?can you explain me the logic implemented?i need little help on this. – user1585111 Sep 2 '13 at 10:53

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