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I imported my github project to bitbucket following this tutorial :

tutorial import github project to bitbucket

Worked great except that I want to import all my branches, so I did the :

git branch -a

and I get this as a result :

remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

After pushing all, when I check on bitbucket, only master, planB, stuffOnTheNewBranch are imported ... How to push all the branches?

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You would push all the local branches, not the ones declared in the remotes namespace.

If you want to push all the branches coming from the remote origin, you must first create a local branch for each of the origin branches.
For that, see "Track all remote git branches as local branches".

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I'll give a shot, keep you updated –  Sebastien FERRAND Mar 26 '13 at 2:45

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