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I have the following problem with an ajax call after a form is submitted.

$('#EVE_fileupload').on('submit', function() 
    var apcID = $('#APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS').val(); 

    return true;

In this case the Ajax call in the GetUploadProgress function always returns an error. I guess this is due to the submit event in the browser. When i "return false" in the submit function, the ajax call is ok and i get the right response message.

Anyone a hint for me ?

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Once a form is submitted the page reloads, and all is lost ! –  adeneo Mar 25 '13 at 9:22

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You have to prevent page refresh after the form is submited. That's why your form is working when you are returning false.

$('#EVE_fileupload').on('submit', function(e) 


    var apcID = $('#APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS').val(); 


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