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I installed Magento and under a subfolder of magento root (wp), I installed wordpress. Everything works well, excepting that php can't be executed if it's defined in widgets.

I created this shortcode in functions.php:

function execute_php($html){
 return $html;

This shortcode normally works. It was successfully tested on other websites. I also installed a plugin for php exec in wordpress pages/posts/widgets. But the php from my widgets it's not executed. Nothing appears, but if I select "View page source" the php source code appear in red as a normal text.

Any idea?

I'm using Fishpig Magento module for wordpress integration under Magento.

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Each widget in WordPress needs to be manually supported by WordPress Integration to work. I have added support for as many widgets as I can and in version 3.0 (out soon!), even more will be supported!

To add this functionality to your integrated blog, assuming you're using a Text widget, you would need to edit to the text widget template to find the shortcode, parse it and execute the PHP

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