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Below is my html image control:

<img alt="" src="C:\Users\hkalidindi\Desktop\Feedback.jpg" style="height: 19px; width: 20px"/>

my aspx design page showing image

But after debugging it is not showing me any image:

After debugging image is not visible

I am new to dotnet..please help me to solve this issue...I know how to display image in image control but i am bit confused about the html image control...

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Use image only from the content of your website. So copy the image in your website folder say Images and access your image as <img alt="" src="..\images\Feedback.jpg" style="height: 19px; width: 20px"/>. Or you could use Asp.NET Image control and set image path in Server code using

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Thank helped me.. – user1912987 Mar 25 '13 at 10:47


Is only local, try uploading it to a website such as,, grab the direct link and put that in the source.

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<img src="URL"> 

Here URL = The url of the image.

Possible values (for src):

An absolute URL - points to another web site (like src="")

A relative URL - points to a file within a web site (like src="image.gif")

Refer: HTML src Attribute

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You are trying to call the image in your local folder. Add the image to the 'Images' folder in your solution and link to that.

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Make sure the image is being referenced from a folder that is in your websites application/dir. Then you can reference it simply by using a tag like so:

<asp:Image id="imgFeedback" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/_common/img/feedback.jpg" />

Or set the image path on the server side:

this.imgFeedback.ImageUrl = Server.MapPath("\_common\img\feedback.jpg\");
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