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I'm wondering what the header mentioned above is. It's included in the response when I do JSONP calls to Facebook, or even when I simply access

I haven't found any documentation on facebook, e.g. on

So, hope somebody can help me. thx!

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To me, this seems to be a request tracking id, so that Facebook can find and trace an specific request details [faster] when you fill in a bug report. Have seen them in lots of bug reports on their bug tracker.

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A little late, but just to add more information that I think it's useful. Facebook has now a place for it in its documentation, we can find it here

If you need to report a bug in the Graph API, we include a couple of additional request headers that you should send with your bug report to help us pinpoint and reproduce your issue. These request headers are X-FB-Debug and x-fb-rev.

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