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I need to customize the Campaign Form in Microsoft Dynamis CRM .In this Form I need to customize the calender of Fiscal Year.it dispalys mm/dd/yyy format ..and i need to customize MM/YYYY Fromat.How to do this?

enter image description here

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By the way, a very similar question is asked here on SO. Are you using two profiles? It's called sockpuppetry and is strictly prohibited. You may get banned for just a suspicion of doing that. I'm not a snitch, so I won't report it but others may. – Konrad Viltersten Mar 25 '13 at 12:37

This is only fot that field? The format of datetime is based on user options. If it's only for that field see this answer.

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I suspect that the date-time field is formatted according to the system settings (be that picked from CRM or the user's computer). Not sure if it's editable other than that. I'll take a look at it later today.

In case it's not possible to customize the date format of a single field you've got three options (listed in increasing order of control but also of implementation workload).

  1. Set the system settings according to your wishes.
  2. Add custom fields and control the looks in these.
  3. Create a web resource that behaves exactly as you wish.
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