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My company has purchased ten oracle licenses.It is in production.Now can the same license can be used for my test and backup? or do i have to pocure additional license.Pls help

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Don't trust legal advice you receive on the internet... Read your licence and call Oracle directly. – Ben Mar 25 '13 at 11:19

The Oracle Software Investment Guide states:

Test/Staging - Test/staging environments are used to verify that new or customized code runs properly. This can be staged on separate servers or on the same servers used to run a development or production environment. Any Oracle software used in test/staging environment must be properly licensed with a Full Use license under an Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA) or other appropriate Oracle (or Oracle authorized reseller) license agreement. If a test/staging environment is maintained on the same server as a production or development environment, and that server is fully licensed for all relevant programs on a per Processor metric, then no additional licenses are required for the test/staging environment.

So I'd say yes, unless you're running your test DB on the same server as production, you need an additional license.

You can find a more thorough discussion of this at http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/2104/is-oracle-db-licensing-needed-for-a-test-environment

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