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Is there a way to utilize Robocopy so that if it is called against an empty top level directory it does not copy it?

I am using Robocopy to identify files and directories that are then zipped up within a script - empty directories cannot be zipped up using the standard Windows archiving features.

I am aware of the /s switch which prevents empty sub directories from being copied.

Thanks in advance for your help and expertise.

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What do you mean with top level directory? Can you give an example? –  Endoro Mar 25 '13 at 12:11

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If you use the robocopy /s command without the /e switch, then it won't copy any empty folders. It appears that you are using robocopy /s /e since you are having problems with empty top-level folders. If you don't want any empty sub-folders either, then just omit the /e switch and no empty folders will be created in the destination. If you need to copy the empty sub-folders, then you can't avoid also copying the empty top-level folders. However, you could easily remove the empty top level folders like this:

robocopy C:\Source\Dir X:\Dest\Dir /s /e
cd /d X:\Dest\Dir
for /d %%i in (*.*) do rd "%%i" > nul 2>&1

The cd command changes to the destination drive & folder and then the for command tries to remove all top-level folders. Only the ones that are empty will be removed. The > nul 2>&1 hides the output and errors since folders that aren't empty will show an error message, which can just be ignored.

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