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In Backbone I'd like to make multiple changes to a model, and then only fire the event handler once at the end (to redraw the screen). Is this possible? Something like:



model.attr1 = val1;
model.attr2 = val2;

There used to be a model.change() method, but it was removed, quoting the changelog: "The Model#change method has been removed, as delayed attribute changes as no longer available"

I don't know how "delayed attribute changes" worked before, but it seems a step backwards to have removed this ability?

Does anyone know of a workaround for it now?

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1 Answer

You can set multiple values at once

    model.set({attr1: val1, attr2 : val2});

or check out silent option.

model.set({attr1: val1, attr2 : val2}, {silent:true})

Some solution you could find here

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Hmm, either of those is ideal, but it looks like what I'd like doesn't exist :( Your first suggestion would require me to keep track of all the changes being made in a queue somewhere and then apply them all at once at the end, and the second one wouldn't fire any events at all. Thanks anyway! –  Mark Mar 26 '13 at 10:58
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