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I have a swing desktop application that is connected to a derby DB.

I use native sql query to select all data from the table Now I want to update the data in the table with native sql queries but first I have to retrieve the input data from the swing textfields.

I am able to use the jtextfielld.gettext()

to retrieve that data but how do i set these textfields data to the update query since the sql query is executed as a string statement.

for example :

String sql = "UPDATE APP.REGISTRY SET LETTER_FROM ='Japan Motors' WHERE id = 7"

so how do execute this query from the swing interface.

Please help.

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Have you looked at PreparedStatements ?

Although PreparedStatement objects can be used for SQL statements with no parameters, you probably use them most often for SQL statements that take parameters. The advantage of using SQL statements that take parameters is that you can use the same statement and supply it with different values each time you execute it.

See the linked doc and note in particular the placeholder capability (using ?s) that allows you to safely insert parameters in your SQL.

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It appears you are new to JDBC and looking for a way to execute queries form Swing App. If this is a case, I will refer you to look at JDBC documentation.

In essence, you will need to get a reference to Connection object, then create a PreparedStatement using the connection and then then you can call executeUpdate() method followed by commit() method.

However, Please understand that you have very limited options for getting connection in a swing app. You will need to look at the usage of DriverManager for the way to get connection for a database.

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may be my question was not very clear but I have already used the statement object with the DriverManager and what I want is a way to use an update sql query that will take parameters – faisal abdulai Mar 25 '13 at 16:06

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