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I've created an image uploading form , using twitter bootstrap and the jansy extention, using the next code section:

     <form action="fileName.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
         <div class="fileupload fileupload-new" data-provides="fileupload">
          <div class="fileupload-preview thumbnail" style="width: 200px; height: 150px;"></div>
            <span class="btn btn-file"><span class="fileupload-new">Select image</span><span class="fileupload-exists">Change</span><input type="file" name="pic" id="pic"/></span>
            <a href="#" class="btn fileupload-exists" data-dismiss="fileupload">Remove</a>
            <button type="submit" class="btn">Upload</button>

on the fileName.php the following code is executed:

if($_FILES["pic"]["error"] > 0){ /*image uploading has failed*/
        echo "Error occured ".$_FILES["pic"]["error"];  
else {
    echo "image was uploaded successfully";

and returns the next message :

Array ( [pic] => Array ( [name] => [type] => [tmp_name] => [error] => 4 [size] => 0 ) ) Error occured 4

How come the file is not uploaded ? How could I solve this?


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What is the size of file? –  Narek Mar 25 '13 at 12:11
@Narek file size is 100KB –  user975343 Mar 25 '13 at 12:13
please try input type submit instead button. –  Praveen kalal Mar 25 '13 at 12:24
@Praveenkalal , still not working –  user975343 Mar 25 '13 at 12:27
Have you tried setting error output on your page? Are the permissions on the required directories correct? –  UnholyRanger Mar 25 '13 at 13:14

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Error 4 means UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE, so no file has been posted. I'd say the problem is somewhere in your javascript code or the components you used. Is any JavaScript error thrown?

Try a simple

<form action="fileName.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="pic"> 

to see if it works without any JavaScript plugins.

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first of all thanks for the answer. There is no JS error thrown and I'm using JANSY extention for twitter bootstrap –  user975343 Mar 25 '13 at 12:25

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