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I'm trying to use the android crash report in my android project.

I have added the jar and I have code like this in my src directory.

import android.app.Application;
import org.acra.*;
import org.acra.annotation.*;

@ReportsCrashes(formKey = "0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxS2JONHc")
public class CrashLog extends Application {

        public void onCreate() {
            // The following line triggers the initialization of ACRA


My google spreadsheet url look like this:


But when I run the app I get the following exception in my logcat:

Looking for error files in /data/data/com.simplepay.hellomobile/files
I/ACRA    (  547): Sending file 1364199528000-approved.stacktrace
D/ACRA    (  547): Sending report 5653c004-9511-4bee-b918-2896a28270b9
D/ACRA    (  547): Connect to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/formResponse?formkey=0AkxxxxxxxJS2JONHc&ifq
D/dalvikvm(  547): GC_CONCURRENT freed 1167K, 54% free 3134K/6727K, external 2336K/2711K, paused 5ms+6ms
D/ACRA    (  547): Sending request to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/formResponse?formkey=0AkxxxxxxxxxxxNHc&ifq
W/ResponseProcessCookies(  547): Invalid cookie header: "Set-Cookie: NID=67=QXbN91Capc8QPihoEN08wFVyvr8barZQGX6RVH0OUCbZx4Z8LYTeOrQOXIevhcxpA9mlQ41aeF3lgpJxqxpvx91xLVExQlz3VPcNRaGkZXyazBylB855o236ORifVsdm;Domain=.google.com;Path=/;Expires=Tue, 24-Sep-2013 12:08:29 GMT;HttpOnly". Unable to parse expires attribute: Tue
E/ACRA    (  547): Failed to send crash report for 1364199528000-approved.stacktrace
E/ACRA    (  547): org.acra.sender.ReportSenderException: Error while sending report to Google Form.
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.sender.GoogleFormSender.send(GoogleFormSender.java:88)
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.SendWorker.sendCrashReport(SendWorker.java:178)
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.SendWorker.checkAndSendReports(SendWorker.java:141)
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.SendWorker.run(SendWorker.java:77)
E/ACRA    (  547): Caused by: java.io.IOException: Host returned error code 400
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.util.HttpRequest.sendPost(HttpRequest.java:148)
E/ACRA    (  547):  at org.acra.sender.GoogleFormSender.send(GoogleFormSender.java:85)
E/ACRA    (  547):  ... 3 more
D/ACRA    (  547): #checkAndSendReports - finish

where am I making the mistake? The key that I got from my url is the one to be given the formKey value right?

Thanks in advance.

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You must use the formkey of the added form and not of the spreadsheet. Please open your spreadsheet and than open the form at the menu. There will be a link at the end of the form with the key in it.


Here are the BasicSetup instructions.

Please note Since the recent update of Google Forms by Google, the usage of Google Docs as a storage engine for ACRA reports is becoming deprecated.

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