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What is the difference between following:

new require('events').EventEmitter();


var events = require('events');
new events.EventEmitter();

The first one is not working, but second one - works.


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Note the difference between these lines:

new foo().bar()

... and ...

new foo.bar()

In the first case new operator will change how foo() function is processed: it will be used as a constructor (with this pointing to its prototype copy etc.)

But in the second case new operator cannot be applied to foo, as the latter is not invoked: it's its bar property that is called instead. Naturally, new here means foo.bar is used as a constructor instead.

And that's exactly what happens in your example: the first case tries to apply new to require function call, not to %require_result%.EventEmitter one.

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new (require('events')).EventEmitter(); will work –  user568109 Mar 25 '13 at 18:45

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