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How to achieve this in Fortran ?

    do i = 1, n Except n/2

Is there a convenient way instead of using 'if' in the loop ?

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What's wrong with using a conditional statement inside the loop? –  NPE Mar 25 '13 at 12:23

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There are many solutions. Here is one using cycle. It still has an if statement in the loop but doesn't have an if ... end if block.

MyLoop: do i=1, N
   if ( i == N/2 ) cycle MyLoop

   !  use the loop....
   write (*, *) i
end do MyLoop
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neat idea! thank you! –  booksee Apr 1 '13 at 9:55

If you have an aversion to conditionals inside loops

do i  = 1,(n/2)-1
end do
do i = (n/2)+1,n
end do

If n is, or may be, odd, you'll need to adjust the stop/start indices for the loops.

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Place an if statement inside a loop

do i=1,n
  if (i /= n/2) ...
end do

or the forall statement with a mask or the where statement are possible to use in certain situations.

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