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I have two matrices:

A = [0,1,1;1,0,0;0,0,0]
B = [3,0,0;0,3,3;4,4,4]

And I want to replace alle the 0-elements in matrix A, with the element, that is on the same position in matrix B.

In the above example the result matrix would look like this:

result = [3,1,1;1,3,3;4,4,4]

Is there a matlab function for that purpose, or do I have to write one on my own?


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This is easily achieved with indexing:

idx = A == 0;
A(idx) = B(idx);
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thanks, that works! – Quick n Dirty Mar 25 '13 at 12:29

Oneliner solution using logical addressing:

A(A == 0) = B(A == 0);
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