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So I'm trying to install mcrypt on my local for development. I've never compiled from source before, so please bear with me, but the short of what I've done is:

  1. Download and install libmcrypt-2.5.8 (from source)
  2. Download compiled from (note: the compiled seems to work fine)
  3. Update php.ini (to include relevant lines)
  4. Restart web sharing (apache); pages can't be loaded
  5. Remove line and restart apache, pages load again)
  6. Download PHP 5.2.8 source from, and try to configure and install mcrypt from /ext/mcrypt

At this point, when I run make test, things fail.

Number of tests :   36                36
Tests skipped   :    0 (  0.0%) --------
Tests warned    :    0 (  0.0%) (  0.0%)
Tests failed    :   36 (100.0%) (100.0%)
Expected fail   :    0 (  0.0%) (  0.0%)
Tests passed    :    0 (  0.0%) (  0.0%)

Just in case anyway, I went ahead and did sudo make install, update php.ini, and tried to load pages. Pages loaded fine. I went to my phpinfo page, but mcrypt isn't shown there at all. I went back and forth on this a couple of times, but nothing happened still.

I'm confused about what to do now, as I'm not sure what I was supposed to do when the make tests failed, which is, I suspect, why my mcrypt isn't working at all (even if the .so file is there). I'm including the make test failed summary result below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Test for blowfish compatibility [tests/blowfish.phpt]
Bug #35496 (Crash in mcrypt_generic()/mdecrypt_generic() without proper init). [tests/bug35496.phpt]
Bug #37595 (mcrypt_generic calculates data length in wrong way) [tests/bug37595.phpt]
Bug #41252 (Calling mcrypt_generic without first calling mcrypt_generic_init crashes) [tests/bug41252.phpt]
Bug #46010 (warnings incorrectly generated for iv in ecb mode) [tests/bug46010.phpt]
Bug #8040 (MCRYPT_MODE_* do not seem to exist) [tests/bug8040.phpt]
mcrypt_cbc [tests/mcrypt_cbc.phpt]
mcrypt_cbf [tests/mcrypt_cbf.phpt]
mcrypt_create_iv [tests/mcrypt_create_iv.phpt]
mcrypt_decrypt [tests/mcrypt_decrypt.phpt]
mcrypt_ecb [tests/mcrypt_ecb.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_algorithms_name [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_algorithms_name.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_block_size [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_block_size.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_key_size [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_key_size.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_modes_name [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_mode_name.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_supported_key_sizes [tests/mcrypt_enc_get_supported_key_sizes.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_is_block_algorithm [tests/mcrypt_enc_is_block_algorithm.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_is_block_algorithm_mode [tests/mcrypt_enc_is_block_algorithm_mode.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_is_block_mode [tests/mcrypt_enc_is_block_mode.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_self_test [tests/mcrypt_enc_self_test.phpt]
mcrypt_get_block_size [tests/mcrypt_get_block_size.phpt]
mcrypt_get_cipher_name [tests/mcrypt_get_cipher_name.phpt]
mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size [tests/mcrypt_get_iv_size.phpt]
mcrypt_get_key_size [tests/mcrypt_get_key_size.phpt]
mcrypt_list_algorithms [tests/mcrypt_list_algorithms.phpt]
mcrypt_list_modes [tests/mcrypt_list_modes.phpt]
mcrypt_module_get_algo_block_size [tests/mcrypt_module_get_algo_block_size.phpt]
mcrypt_module_get_algo_key_size [tests/mcrypt_module_get_algo_key_size.phpt]
mcrypt_module_get_supported_key_sizes [tests/mcrypt_module_get_supported_key_sizes.phpt]
mcrypt_module_is_block_algorithm [tests/mcrypt_module_is_block_algorithm.phpt]
mcrypt_module_is_block_algorithm_mode [tests/mcrypt_module_is_block_algorithm_mode.phpt]
mcrypt_module_is_block_mode [tests/mcrypt_module_is_block_mode.phpt]
mcrypt_module_open [tests/mcrypt_module_open.phpt]
mcrypt_module_self_test [tests/mcrypt_module_self_test.phpt]
mcrypt_ofb [tests/mcrypt_ofb.phpt]
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Install Xcode via the AppStore

Install MacPorts (

Install libmcrypt using port

port install libmcrypt

Download PHP source (

Compile the extension before installing it

cd /directory/to/php/source/ext/mcrypt
phpize .
./configure \
--with-php-config=`which php-config` \
sudo make install
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