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I need to print Unicodes of A-Z in Java.

How do I print the Unicode of a character in Java?

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int CharCode = (int)'a';



So for your example:

for (char c='A'; c <= 'Z'; c++)
    System.out.println(c + ": " + (int)c);
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You could use the Character class.

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If you are interested in the unicode numbers of the letters you can do the following (here for the letter 'x'):

byte[] bytes = "x".getBytes( "UTF-16" );

System.out.println( String.format("%0" + (bytes.length * 2) + "X", 
    new BigInteger( 1, bytes )) );

This will output:


For UTF-8 and other letters simply change the first line.

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I think I've never seen such a bloated and even incorrect implementation of (int)'x'. –  jarnbjo Oct 13 '09 at 19:58

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