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Hi i would like to copy all files of a certain type from a certain sub-directory with their relative path from that sub-directory to another directory with the relative path intact. e.g.:

source sub-dir:


source files:


target dir:


wanted result:


So far I've come up with:

set-location $srcRoot
get-childitem -path $srcRoot -filter $filePattern -recurse | resolve-path -relative | copy-item -destination {join-path $buildroot $_.fullname}

However, this "everything is an object" à la PowerShell is beating me down (at least that's what I suspect). I.e. the files gets copied, but without their relative path.

Anyone who could enlighten me a bit?

Br, Pete

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Don't bother with PowerShell cmdlets for this, simply use robocopy:

robocopy C:\temp\sourcedirectory C:\temp\targetdirectory *.txt /s
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Ah, didn't know about this, easy and it works, thank you very much. – PistolPete Mar 25 '13 at 13:53

You can try this:

$srcroot = "c:\temp\sourcedirectory"
$builroot= "c:\temp\targetdirectory"
gci -path $srcroot -filter $filepattern -recurse | 
  % { Copy-Item $_.FullName -destination ($_.FullName -replace [regex]::escape($srcroot),$builroot) }
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Got some sort of issue here with the replace action, the build dir didn't get prepended, the source was removed however. Probably a "DOOH! mistake at my end. Thanks anyway. – PistolPete Mar 25 '13 at 13:56

Try this:

Copy-item $srcRoot -destination $destination -recurse
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This will include the actual srcRoot in the relative path, of course I could just iterate over sub-dirs from srcRoot and pipe those according to your suggestion together with the filter parameter. – PistolPete Mar 25 '13 at 13:52
thank you by the way. – PistolPete Mar 25 '13 at 13:57

To prevent copying the folder itself i.e. creating


specify the files (usually with a wildcard) instead of the folder as the source:

Copy-item c:\temp\sourcedirectory\*.txt -destination c:\temp\targetdirectory -recurse
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