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I am working in C# win form application 4.0, where on a form, I am using 3 text boxes, on each text-box, when user enters 'Tab' key then focus jump to next text box.

now on first text-box on validating event I have added some code to check data validity, it connects to database server and takes time of some nano seconds, meanwhile user presses more 'Tab' keys, so that's why my focus shifts on 3rd or 4th text box, it didn't jump on second text box.

Please guide me how resolve this problem. how to ignore this key strokes.

I need a solution where user interface will be suspended until validating event is not performed.

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Have you tried connecting to the database right when the application is launched? – Caleb Keith Mar 25 '13 at 13:24
You could either validate input asynchronously or focus your TextBox absolutely by setting the ActiveControl. Ignoring the users key strokes seems like a bad way to go. – fjdumont Mar 25 '13 at 13:25
You might want to show to the user that your application is busy (with a progressBar, a loading gif...). This way, he won't press Enter again and again. – Otiel Mar 25 '13 at 13:25
Otiel : we can not assume end user behavior, so that we have to apply fix solution. we can not assume that end user will not do mistakes so that mistakes will not occur. – Haider Ali Wajihi Mar 26 '13 at 5:36
To all : i have edited my question, the problem is not of "SendKey", where as, the problem is use enter tab key when application is in background process and UI is not available to accept further key strokes. – Haider Ali Wajihi Mar 26 '13 at 11:38
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First, there is no reason to send the TAB key. Simply set Focus on the textbox you want to have focus.

What you want to do is listen to OnKeyDown for the textbox or control you have focus on at the time you want the enter key to be ignored. By setting e.Handled to true, the key press will be ignored.

private void textBox_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    if (bIgnoreInput)
        e.Handled = true;


I would suggest having a button press to trigger the validation instead of just when the text changes (if that is what you are doing as it is not very clear). That way you can handle the validation and provide user feedback (such as a progress bar or waiting animation).

If you don't want any input at all, set Enabled to false on the text boxes until you are done handling the code. When a control is not enabled, no events are triggered. Please be sure to also check InvokeRequired and Invoke if it is.

void ValidateInput()

    System.Threading.Thread workThread = new System.Threading.Thread(delegate() 
            // Validate here

delegate void SetisValidatingStateDelegate(bool state);
void SetisValidatingState(bool state)
    if (InvokeRequired)
        Invoke(new SetisValidatingStateDelegate(SetisValidatingState), new object[] { state });

    textBox1.AcceptsTabs = textBox2.AcceptsTabs = textBox3.AcceptsTabs = textBox4.AcceptsTabs = !state; // Disable tab while validating = true
    progressBar.visible = state; // show progress while validating = true
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thanx for reply and good answer, and sorry for i am not putted my problem in right way. Problem is not the send key, if user presses tab key then this problem occures as well, problem is when focus is on TextBox1 and user presses tab key then TextBox1.Validating event occures it takes time of 0.5 second, meanwhile user presses again tab key then after coming out of validating procedure, UI have two pending key commands and my cursor jumps over TextBox3, where as the second Tab Key press should be ignored or any key stroke should be ignored while validating procedure is in process. – Haider Ali Wajihi Mar 28 '13 at 6:08
Your best bet is to lock the entire window and show a progress bar – JeremyK Mar 28 '13 at 12:32
Ohh! okk, but is it good solution to show progress bar for 0.5 seconds. – Haider Ali Wajihi Mar 28 '13 at 12:34
Always, you never know when it might take a little extra time. You always want the user to know when something is happening when they can't do something so they don't assume the application has locked up – JeremyK Mar 28 '13 at 12:35
let us continue this discussion in chat – Haider Ali Wajihi Mar 28 '13 at 12:49

Call GetNextControl before calling the validation server to find out where you should move focus when validation completes. When validation completes, call Focus() on that control

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You can introduce a flag (dbFlag) of type bool which you can set befor doing your database-stuff and reset it afterwards.

Your KeyDown-Code can than look like:

private void KeyDown(object sender, KeyDownEventArgs e)
   //check the state of your flag
   if(!dbFlag && e.KeyCode == Keys.Return)
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