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My situation is that i have an external database and i should present the information in an orchard hp. The customer wants also to set new information and both should be shown via projection.

Short with simple example type book:

Books are in an external db.

Books should be set in orchard, in the orchard-db not in the external-db.

The query - projection should get both books-entities and displayed.

Is there a simple orchard-way to implement my problem?

Unfortunately, I did not find any sample for what ... Any suggestions? Thank you

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is there ever a way to implement this? –  manu Mar 29 '13 at 12:28
Please set my reply as answer if it helped. –  Piedone Nov 13 '13 at 14:05

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From what you've described I understand that in short you want to manage some data from an external data source as Orchard content items. This is well possible, it needs the following to happen:

  • Create a content type for your data.
  • Periodically pull in changes from the external data source.
  • Programmatically create content items of your new type from the data pulled in.

Since this is not an everyday scenario I don't know of any tutorials out there for this although there is at least one sample: the External Pages module does pretty much this, by pulling in Markdown pages from a Mercurial repo.

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