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We have a source code of Matlab Software programmed by an contractor consultant long time ago. Now We try to understand the Matlab code that's how he programmed it. It has around 100 functions and files. Is there any Matlab command or tool exist that would create a tree like structure to understand the whole software that how functions are being called and how they interact with software interface?

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Once I started on a project where this had to be done. Things like depfun can help to see which things are being used, but not which things could have been used.

[list,builtins,classes,prob_files,~,eval_strings,called_from] = depfun(fun)

Especially conditional branches make it hard for software to see which functions are called.

Finally I resorted to manually going through the code and just writing out the possible paths.

Some tools that can help:

  • depfun: to show which things are called
  • profiler: To show where the bottle necks are
  • code analyzer: To find possible improvement points like obsolete functions in a lot of code
  • mlint: To find and fix improvement points in a single script
  • Find file: To show where a certain function, resource or variable is used exactly
  • breakpoints: Put one at the start of a file to show you when exactly functions are called

If you have 100 functions it may take a day or two to go through them though.

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