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I'm trying to generate a nested unordered list from my SQL database. I use recursive method to nest the data. Should I put my logic in a separate htmlhelper or should I use Html.RenderAction that calls a child action method?

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Evaluating both options I would use Html.RenderAction, if you use an htmlhelper you must find a way to pass that menu model to all your views so the htmlhelper can render the html, you will need to use an ActionFilter and ViewData/ViewBag to pass the model.

With Html.RenderAction you got the benefit of having a controller to handle the job with its own model so you don't have to be dealing with complex models or ViewData/ViewBag objects and castings, you also get the benefit of caching [OutputCache] and control with [ChildActionOnly].

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So when would I use htmlhelper? Any scenario that I can think of can be done with child action methods too! –  jim Mar 25 '13 at 14:52
You can use htmlhelper in cases where you do not need to access the database or a separate model, logical decisions, css styling, rendering list (loops) based on the model you already have in place. –  JOBG Mar 25 '13 at 17:15

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