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How can i write a insert query in my aspx page like following???

insert into tablname(field1 ,field2, field3)values(@field1,@field2,@field1-@field2)

Here I have made field3 a computed column in database as well which is field1 -field2 in database. Values inserted in fields are in textbox so i want at runtime to calculate difference two textboxes and then insert that value in database. How can i achieve this??

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check the answer you need to crete colunted column in your table that will do work for you ... – Pranay Rana Mar 25 '13 at 14:10
is that work for you ? – Pranay Rana Mar 25 '13 at 14:35
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No need to include field 3 in your insert.

From MSDN: Unless otherwise specified, computed columns are virtual columns that are not physically stored in the table

So you can display the computed value on your form but when you do the actual insert into the database just insert the 2 values. The value for field3 will be computed when you query the table.

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There are many ways but I would suggest you to create store proc with two parameters @field1 and @field2 and perform the insert statement from there, like you can create third field within sp which will compute the value @field3 = @field1-@field2 and submit the values (@field1,@field2,@field3)

create table test22(field1 int,field2 int,field3 int)

create proc inserttest22
@field1 int,
@field2 int
declare @field3 int
set @field3 = @field1 - @field2
insert into test22 values (@field1,@field2,@field3)
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